There are millions of children around the world who are suffering. Some of them are all alone. We believe that only providing them with the minimum they need to survive, such as food and water, is not enough.

We ensure that children grow up feeling safe, loved and supported, because it has a profound impact on them and their entire communities into the future.

You can help children around the world and follow stories of their progress by making a monthly donation.

We do what is best for each individual child to achieve the most with your donations

As integral parts of thousands of communities across 129 countries worldwide, we’re able to help each unique child in the way that works best for them:

We keep families together so they can better care for their children, through:
  • Family Counselling
  • Training in parenting skills and household management
  • Helping parents to establish a steady income

We care for children who have no-one, through:

  • Family-like care provided by ‘SOS parents’ supporting up to 10 children full-time
  • ‘Children’s Villages’ that are run by trained and dedicated SOS carers, recruited from the local community
Follow stories of the kinds of children you’re helping by signing up to PROGRESS for £12/month
SOS Children's Villages - Progress

Through monthly updates you’ll be able to follow the progress of a group of children, each in a different part of the world.

Each update focuses on one of the children in the group and includes stories from their own perspective. You’ll get insight into all the different ways that your support is making a difference to children around the world.

As well as seeing how children’s lives are transformed, you’ll also see how the impact is passed-on to change the futures of entire communities.

Marcia is one of the children that you’ll be able to follow:

Marcia was barely one day old when she was left at the hospital by her terrified teenage mother.

This is a daily occurrence in the Ethiopian city of Jimma, where a large youth population, high poverty rates, and cultural taboos against having children outside of marriage mean that dozens of babies are abandoned every week.

The future could have been bleak for little Marcia. But thanks to a new SOS intiative to help the Ethiopian government find good adoptive and foster families for children who have lost their families she has found a new home with loving new parents, Maza and Adebe. Now three years old, Marcia is thriving in her new family.

Marcia’s story doesn’t end here. It is just the beginning.

By signing up to PROGRESS, you can follow the rest of Marcia’s story, and your donations will be used to help many other children like her.

Help children like Marcia and follow their stories by signing up to PROGRESS


SOS Children’s Villages UK is part of a global federation, working in 129 countries. We have 70 years of experience and have helped over 4 million children around the world.

Everything we do has the ultimate aim of helping children grow up in a stable environment where they feel safe, loved and supported. We focus on this because not only does it stop the day-to-day suffering of children, but is also a long-term and sustainable solution that has an impact on entire communities and countries.
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SOS Children’s Villages changes children’s names to protect their privacy.